2International Care, Inc. (IC Orphans) was founded in 2001 as a funding organization to help orphans find homes with their forever families. As IC Orphans evolved in the early years, we also began setting up “giving accounts,” where adopting families could have their relatives and friends give towards their adoptions. By the grace of God, we have helped almost 200 children be adopted in a little over twelve years.

Around 2009, we sensed God calling us to a broader purpose that would help many more orphans, including those that would never be adopted. As the organization sought the Lord for His direction, we came to the conclusion that we were to be an organization to help the church do this work and not do it ourselves. From that conviction our new mission statement emerged:

Serving gospel focused churches as they care for orphans and vulnerable children.

Additionally, IC Orphans is absolutely convinced that helping orphans and vulnerable children with their temporal needs is necessary, but not the most important thing. We believe that only by taking the eternal life-saving message of the gospel are we really ultimately serving these dear ones that are so precious in the sight of God. That is why, while we are absolutely committed to practical care, we will not do it without the ultimate goal of sharing Christ.