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    Help 30 women in Zimbabwe – Sewing Zimbabwe Project

    For those that don’t know me, I am Dan Dubell. I am the founder and President of IC Orphans. A charitable 501 ( C ) 3 that has been helping orphans and vulnerable children for the past 16+ years.

    I am currently trying to raise $4,000 to help 30 women in Zimbabwe. These women have been feeding their families through prostitution until they were rescued out of that lifestyle by a group working in that country.

    The request came at this time, due to where they are at in the process:

    • These 30 women have all gone through a phase of Emotional and Spiritual healing
    • After much growth emotionally and spiritually, they have gone through Entrepreneurial training.
    • The next phase for them is to start their own business. That is where this plea that I am making comes in. The workers there want to provide them with sewing machines so they can make dresses and sell them to provide for their families.

    I am working in cooperation with the church in New Jersey that has the long-term relationship with the workers there. This is a fully vetted and therefore legitimate work that is doing MUCH good! They are shipping a container to their team there by the end of November so we need to move fast to pull this together.

    One gentleman that has been doing his part for many years helping women throughout the world with providing sewing machines (Gino Rich), said it this way: “What makes sewing machines so valuable for these African women? It’s not like giving them a car or a house. It’s much bigger than that. Think of taking a homeless person off the street and making them a CEO of a major company. That’s what giving an African woman a sewing machine does for her.”

    Funds for this project can be donated tax deductible at and click on the Red Donate button in the upper right-hand part of the page. Once there click one-time donor button. Please put Sewing Zimbabwe Project in the comment box.

    I will send updates as the funds come in.


    Honestly, I am praying we receive $8,000 in donations, so we are ready, in the near future for the next request for 30 machines for the other women they are working to rescue now!

    Thanks for considering helping!!!

  • Hooshga’s First Adventure: India 2013

    The Hooshga Project had its first launching in India, where hundreds of slum children poured out of overstuffed, flatbed trucks to a ministry center near the slums. Canvas stretching up from the wood slat sides kept the one hundred heads on each truck somewhat shielded from the debris and hot sun. Each child climbed out of the over crowded vehicle beaming with a smile. They were eager to encounter the Jesus that had sent this team of fifteen Americans from Kingsville, Maryland on June 20th, 2013 to help participate in the summer VBS program. Pastor Greg and his team from Grace Community Church, home to President Dan Dubell, were pioneering the distribution of Hooshga.

    Amongst those on the team was the Grohman Family: Chris and Melissa and their children, Jamie, Molly and Maddy. Devastated by the loss of their adopted sister Libby, each arrived with a new song in their hearts and a turtle in their hands. Hooshga, The Good News Turtle, resembled their baby sister’s prized stuffed animal. They were ready to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the children of this poverty stricken region, giving each a string bag filled with a plush turtle and picture Bible, featuring Hooshga. Libby’s favorite past time had been to flip through the pages of her story Bible while she sat in her wheelchair holding her turtle. They were about to witness hundreds of children impacted by the legacy of their three-year-old sister.

    Three hundred Hooshga packages were donated, creating an excitement across the group. The children were proud to wear their Hooshga backpacks to school that week. The team was moved in their spirits as they witnessed the slum areas that these children lived in, with homes made from tin and cardboard no bigger than what the average American would label their “mud room”.

    The team from Grace Community returned to the States with new vision. Chris and Melissa’s heart continue to expand for children in need, coming from a long history of foster care. They have chosen to sponsor two Indian children monthly from the slum they visited. Molly was inspired to become a social worker in order to help children in difficult circumstances. And as a result, a desire was birthed in Maddy to return and work with the ministry center and slum community when she is older.

    Hooshga’s first trip proved more successful than anticipated, as word returned that not only is the picture Bible affective with the children, but is also a vital tool in sharing Christ with their illiterate parents. Mission IC Orphans plans to return to India in the future to distribute more Hooshga packages, realizing that over half of the children within that slum area are still in need of a picture Bible and stuffed animal.

  • Hooshga Ethiopia 2

    Hooshga Ministers to Orphaned and Economically Vulnerable Children in Ethiopia

    Hooshga made the long journey into the arms of children in Ethiopia, a country in East Africa. Christie, a member of Christ Fellowship Church, contacted IC Orphans with the hope of bringing Hooshga on the medical mission she was participating in with the One Child Campaign and Childrens’ HopeChest. The goal of these vision trips is to “create a united effort to give voice to orphans, widows, and the destitute through holistic and sustainable means” ( Each trip varies, depending upon the individuals that register to participate and the unique skills they posses. Seeing the value in ministering an evangelism tool that is both cross-cultural and interactive, Christie reached out to IC Orphans. She was granted her request through the gifting of forty-five Hooshga Care packages to be sent to a children’s drop in center which hosted a medical clinic.

    Ethiopia has an estimated five million orphans, with only about one percent of those children being adoptable. IC Orphans was eager to participate in this opportunity to send the love of Jesus to orphaned and economically vulnerable children. The feedback received from the people on this medical team was overwhelming. Candy, a pastor’s wife, said, “the children were captivated by the reading—even without the story book.” The Scriptural content provided as a tool to the leaders, used in accompaniment with the picture Bible, was penetrating the hearts of the listeners. Christie shared that “one of the local members who works regularly with the children really liked it and is interested in having more brought to the children if possible.”

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    The Hooshga Project

    Inspired by conviction and prayer to spread the gospel to orphans and vulnerable children, the HooshgaTM project will be a very practical way to engage the church in taking the gospel to orphans and vulnerable children here in the U.S. and around the world. Our prayers began to be answered when we met the Grohman family.  Through the touching story of the life and death of their adopted foster daughter Libby, this concept was birthed.

    The concept, simply put, is an experiential bible project that will grip the hearts of every child and practically connect that child to the gospel message in a way that will be lasting and impactful.

    Shown above is the HooshgaTM Care Package, which contains an adorable plush representing HooshgaTM the Good News Turtle, a picture book containing 11 full color illustrations designed to cover the story of creation through eternity. Hooshga appears on every spread to make the connection with the child and their new friend Hooshga. The package also contains a colorful string bag to keep everything in.

    We are committed to using this tool to help churches grow orphan ministries across the globe. By the summer of 2014 we intend to have a complete VBS program developed for this project. Additionally, the network of relationships we have established, through 12 years of ministry to orphans and vulnerable children, offers countless opportunities for churches to be the hands and feet of Christ to the least of these. In reaching these children, through this project, the gospel message can also impact their care givers and facility staff.

    Please inquire today about how you can become part of our family through prayer, financial support, and or volunteering time by sending an email to .

  • Pastor Greg Gill

    What an amazing trip for the 21 individuals that partnered with IC Orphans for a trip to China in July 2010.  Our primary purpose was to go to serve a foster care home, which included conducting a Vacation Bible School for children, taking care of and holding babies, and creating  some special events (pool party, cookout, and special show) for the kids and staff.  We also sensed God’s grace in serving and getting to know the staff and workers.  We believe that our presence was a blessing to them as well.  There were additional connections made that increased our friendship and prayers for the people of China.   To top it off we had some fun cultural excursions for shopping, dinners, and walking some of the Great Wall.

    I have been on numerous short term teams to many places worldwide, but have never been led as well from start to finish as I was with Dan Dubell.  The unity, faith, and servant’s heart that was built into the team was the best experience that I have ever seen on a short term mission trip.  (even with some members coming from another church).  Dan did a great job in connecting team members and releasing them to grow in their gifts and abilities.   The worship and pursuit of God and His Father heart continued to keep us focused on God in all the challenges from fund raising to trials that inevitably arise.

    Even now, a few years later, the effect on many team members’ lives is evident in their words, generosity, prayers, conversations, and return visits to China to serve.  Thank you IC Orphans for making this mission trip one that will always be remembered!

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    Pastor David and Jean Walker

    As God led our family to begin our 3rd adoption, it was by far the largest step of faith my husband and I had taken. The financial aspect alone was daunting and overwhelming. Since we have always lived solely on my husband’s salary, our first two adoptions were financed by the savings set aside from my previous years of work. However, God had “surprised” us with the 3rd adoption—TWIN infant girls from China! We realized quickly that God had something special in store for us and for our church family (where my husband is pastor). It took a great deal of humility to ask for financial help, but we felt God was leading us to send out letters of testimony asking for support from “everyone” we knew. We soon came to realize that we would need a 501c3 organization for folks to give non-taxable donations through a reliable source.

    I began researching organizations that did this, and was disheartened to discover that several kept a percentage of the money donated to cover their expenses. Then I came upon IC Orphans. Initially, I was a bit discouraged to read that their focus had shifted from assisting in the financial portion, but I felt led to contact them anyway. After sharing a bit of our story via email, I received a personal reply from Dan Dubell saying he felt the Board would be more than willing to receive donations on behalf of our family. Although it seems to be a small thing, it was huge to us. God used this simple acknowledgement to encourage us greatly and to affirm that He was indeed leading as we followed in faith and obedience. I also think that God connected us with Dan and IC Orphans for reasons that we may not yet even be aware of, and we are anxious to see what may come of that in the days ahead. Thank you, IC Orphans, for representing God’s voice as you said “yes” and walked beside us in such a practical way!