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    The Hooshga Project

    Inspired by conviction and prayer to spread the gospel to orphans and vulnerable children, the HooshgaTM project will be a very practical way to engage the church in taking the gospel to orphans and vulnerable children here in the U.S. and around the world. Our prayers began to be answered when we met the Grohman family.  Through the touching story of the life and death of their adopted foster daughter Libby, this concept was birthed.

    The concept, simply put, is an experiential bible project that will grip the hearts of every child and practically connect that child to the gospel message in a way that will be lasting and impactful.

    Shown above is the HooshgaTM Care Package, which contains an adorable plush representing HooshgaTM the Good News Turtle, a picture book containing 11 full color illustrations designed to cover the story of creation through eternity. Hooshga appears on every spread to make the connection with the child and their new friend Hooshga. The package also contains a colorful string bag to keep everything in.

    We are committed to using this tool to help churches grow orphan ministries across the globe. By the summer of 2014 we intend to have a complete VBS program developed for this project. Additionally, the network of relationships we have established, through 12 years of ministry to orphans and vulnerable children, offers countless opportunities for churches to be the hands and feet of Christ to the least of these. In reaching these children, through this project, the gospel message can also impact their care givers and facility staff.

    Please inquire today about how you can become part of our family through prayer, financial support, and or volunteering time by sending an email to .