• What: God cares greatly for all mankind but in His Word He puts a special emphasis on the needy and poor. In fact He defines undefiled religion as “visiting widows and orphans in their time of need” James 1:27. Our goal is to be a resource to “gospel focused  churches” so they can respond to this call. We are positioned to do as much as we can to help serve these churches “as they care for orphans and vulnerable children.”
  • Who: We will share with anyone who has “ears to hear” what the Spirit might speak to them about caring for orphans and vulnerable children. In fact we will share even to those who may not have “ears to hear” as our God works in mysterious and practical ways.
  • How: By being ready to share God’s heart anytime the opportunity presents itself through conversation or written communications in our brochure and on our website and through our proprietary Hooshga product.
  • When: This is a message that is a lifestyle for our staff. Not only are we committed to living it out practically, but also to tell anyone who would lend us an ear. So every minute presents an opportunity to bring about awareness.
  • Where: Awareness can happen anywhere people are and we have an opportunity to share, from the casual conversation to seminars, bible studies, info tables at conferences, speaking engagements, brochures, our website www.icorphans.org , etc.
  • Why: Because the more people understand God’s love for them and His heart for the orphans and vulnerable children, the more they will be moved by His Spirit to do something about it. We exist to help them do something about it through “gospel focused” churches.