• What: Any opportunity that would lead to orphans and vulnerable children being cared for.
  • Who: Any person seeing a potential opportunity for a MISSION can submit it.
  • How: Submissions are made by filing out the request form to “Start a Mission” located on the IC ORPHANS website at www.icorphans.org under the Start a MISSION tab
  • When: Because the form is available on our website it is accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Upon submission an IC Orphans representative will contact you within 72 hours to discuss your submission.
  • Where: Opportunities can be submitted for Domestic opportunities here in the United States or any International location.
  • Why: Being aware of a potential opportunity is the first step in seeking God’s answer to meeting the needs of orphans and vulnerable children.



  • What: Opportunities that have been submitted on our website by use of the “Start a Mission” request form.
  • Who: IC Orphans staff will take the lead to either complete the validation process or work with a “gospel focused” local church to assist them in validating an opportunity.
  • How: We have a 10 step process of due diligence to determine if a submitted opportunity is a legitimate need that has the opportunity to actually allow for orphans and vulnerable children to be cared for.
  • When: We start the validation process as soon as possible after we determine whether our staff will be doing the validation or assisting a “gospel focused” church in doing so.
  • Where: Much of the validation process can occur in our offices, but usually will also require an evaluation team to actually visit the area where the opportunity exists.
  • Why: Not every opportunity submitted is necessarily a legitimate one. Unfortunately, we live in a world where funds are misused and accountability is lacking. We invest a lot of time and effort in the validation process so that we are as certain as we can be that the opportunity at hand is not only an opportunity that will serve orphans and vulnerable children, but can be done in a way that shows extremely sound stewardship of the resources it will take to accomplish the MISSION.


  • What: Any opportunity that has been submitted via a request form and cleared the validation process needs a formalized action plan to be ready to become part of our Support a Mission inventory.
  • Who: IC Orphans staff will take the lead to either complete the action plan process or work with a “gospel focused” local church to assist them in completing the action plan.
  • How: We have a proven comprehensive tool that allows us to create the plan that is detailed and measurable. This plan once created will actually be the plan used to assist the “gospel focused” local church which will be entrusted to carry out the MISSION.
  • When: The development process begins as soon as a project clears the validation process. How long it takes to complete the action plan depends on the location and scope of the opportunity. This process could take as little as a few days or as long as a year or more to complete.
  • Where: Much of the plan can be completed in our offices but may also require meeting with others such as experts and people currently involved in and near the opportunity.
  • Why: In order for a MISSION to be successful it will need to have a clearly defined vision and detailed well thought out plan to be successful. We are so convinced of that premise that we will not put any MISSION into our inventory until we are confident that the plan is ready.