• What: Any viable MISSION that has survived our vigorous Start a Mission process and is listed in our inventory of Missions that need Support.
  • Who: Any “gospel focused” local church that applies for and is approved to be the organization to Support that MISSION.
  • How: Applications to be the “gospel focused” local church that will be entrusted to Support a MISSION from our inventory can be submitted on our website at www.icorphans.org and clicking on the Support a Mission tab.
  • When: Once an application is received we typically make a decision within one week and will notify the contact person in that “gospel focused” church to let them know if they will be entrusted with that MISSION.
  • Where: There are opportunities available in our inventory that are both Domestic (inside the United States) and International.
  • Why: We believe the church of Jesus Christ should be the hands and feet to carry the gospel through the MISSION they have been entrusted with from our inventory. Our goal is not to do the work ourselves as a MISSION organization, but to serve gospel focused churches as they care for orphans and vulnerable children.