Pastor Greg Gill

What an amazing trip for the 21 individuals that partnered with IC Orphans for a trip to China in July 2010.  Our primary purpose was to go to serve a foster care home, which included conducting a Vacation Bible School for children, taking care of and holding babies, and creating  some special events (pool party, cookout, and special show) for the kids and staff.  We also sensed God’s grace in serving and getting to know the staff and workers.  We believe that our presence was a blessing to them as well.  There were additional connections made that increased our friendship and prayers for the people of China.   To top it off we had some fun cultural excursions for shopping, dinners, and walking some of the Great Wall.

I have been on numerous short term teams to many places worldwide, but have never been led as well from start to finish as I was with Dan Dubell.  The unity, faith, and servant’s heart that was built into the team was the best experience that I have ever seen on a short term mission trip.  (even with some members coming from another church).  Dan did a great job in connecting team members and releasing them to grow in their gifts and abilities.   The worship and pursuit of God and His Father heart continued to keep us focused on God in all the challenges from fund raising to trials that inevitably arise.

Even now, a few years later, the effect on many team members’ lives is evident in their words, generosity, prayers, conversations, and return visits to China to serve.  Thank you IC Orphans for making this mission trip one that will always be remembered!

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